We live real estate.

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As office and commercial property specialists

we focus on the acquisition of valuable property to either sell to potential investors or add to our own investment portfolio.

We offer investors appealing core real estate. Positioned in one of Germany’s strongest markets, we prepare property for resale, help avoid vacancy periods and develop lasting value added property strategies.

When it comes to project development, from the planning stages to the building permission, we establish independent project companies that can be sold depending on the investment goals in the form of a share deal.

We revitalise vacant property and make use of its unique strengths and characteristics creating new individual accents.


The requirements for a property are complex. With the help of our extensive quality and potential analysis we make sure the investment always matches the investor’s goals.


Many years of experience and profound marketing prowess make Wohninvest a trustworthy partner able to lead you through all your real estate-related concerns.


Our internal management accounting and a flexible, innovative and professional work ethic ensure that we resolve complex real estate projects and enact effective marketing strategies.

Wohninvest Holding GmbH
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70736 Fellbach

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